Tips on How to Match Colors of Nursing Scrubs

Published: 05th July 2010
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Throughout the seasons wherein vibrant pastel colors spell fashion, how will you dress at the level notable to be cool and fashionable? The challenge with dressing up oftentimes lies on finding the right color combinations that'll give various medical uniform choices without ruining your status as a healthcare professional. While dark colors easily match with other colors, the pastels are a real challenge.

The color wheel should provide you easy guidance if you want to make sure the colors of men's scrubs that you're going to wear complement with each other. Complementary colors are those sitting opposite to each other in the color wheel. That's the reason why green and purple go perfectly. If you got hunter green scrub pants in your closet, dig in for a burgundy scrub top. For orange, gold, rust or brown color, the shades of blue will best match. In the medical world, ceil blue and royal blue scrub pants and tops are very common, so you most likely have several pieces already. By going to online medical uniforms stores, the complementing red-orange, orange, and yellow orange shades and tints will be easy to get hold of.

However if finding a color wheel to help you determine complementary colors is not the idea you'll like you can still easily dress up nice in matching colors using the analogous colors. These are the colors that sit right next to each other. Yellow-green scrub pants, yellow scrub top, and yellow orange scrub jackets should all go very well. If not, simply go for a monochromatic look. Their tints, shades or tones should be different, but all from one color hue. If you're thinking of pink, the pink blush, shocking pink and raspberry Cherokee scrub top, pants and jackets will be perfect.

Dressing in a combination of nursing scrubs in warm and cool colors is also another way to dress up nicely in colors. It's either you wear two cool colors and one warm, or two warm colors and one cool. Warm colors are red, orange, and yellow, while cool colors consist of green, blue, and violet. For the summertime, it's better to get more pastels and less dark hues for your nursing scrubs.

Even your old uniforms could be a great help. Try how vibrant solid colors of nursing scrubs would look on you with the old uniforms you got there. And to add more to your working wardrobe, check for colored Cherokee scrubs or any other medical uniforms that are provided by the industry's most trusted brands.

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